A Full Week

It has been a crazy week of activism and struggle. On Monday Judy and I attended the Malu Aina peace meeting in Keaau. Among other things we discussed how to respond if the U.S. attacks Iran.

On Tuesday we had the first Hawaii Seed Hilo area gathering. Hawaii seed is in the thick of the battle to protect our seeds and food from privatization by big corporations.

On Wednesday we drove up to Waimea to facilitate the weekly gathering of the Amida Waimea Sangha.

On Thursday, Dennis Kucinich was in Hilo so I went with some friends to hear him talk. In the meantime news arose of a hearing on Bio-Prospecting at UHH on Tuesday the 18th. If Bio-prospecting sounds scary, that’s because it is. Essentially it is prospecting for genetic material that can be patented and thereby owned by various entities. I don’t know about you, but I am not ready to allow profit driven entities get a hold of our common genetic heritage.

I have spent much of the day getting the word out about our emergency action meeting with Dr. Lorrin Pang, to get ready for the Bio-prospecting hearing on Tuesday. Shortly, I will be off to our weekly peace vigil. After that, a little fun, as I will have the good fortune to go night snorkeling with Judy.

All of this is sustained by daily Buddhist practice and services.

Peace, Paul

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