A New Home

We have made the move out to Malu Aina, a farm 20 minutes south of Hilo, HI. It is a farm rooted in the Catholic Worker tradition and so has a strong Peace and Justice focus. Neither Judy nor I are Catholic. This doesn’t seem to matter. Though life at the farm is lived within the context of a strong spiritual vision, there are few outward trappings of religion. It is as if the farm itself, its vibrant aliveness, hard work, and communalism is the whole of the religious life. The life here is sacred. Which is not to say that moving did not have its ups and downs. It was a hard move as we once again moved into a smaller living space. However, in many ways it has been a move up. We now have more privacy, a much better kitchen, and over all better living situation. We are definitely more settled here than we were in Hilo. At night we fall asleep looking at the stars or listening to the rain in the forest outside our cabin. In the morning we awaken with the sun and the stirring of the roosters in the predawn light.

We are happy!

Peace, Paul

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One Response to “A New Home”

  1. Julie Blakley Says:

    Paul! I am married and 7 months pregnant and I have moved to Scotland! A hugely different life for me, and I am happy. I’m glad to read that you are doing well. I wish you and Judy much love.

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