It has been quite some time since my last blog entry in May.

A lot has changed.  Firstly, Judy and I are no longer live at Malu Aina.  We found a sweet little, 561 sq. ft., cabin in an area known as Orchidland.  It is off the grid which means solar power and rainwater catchment.

We put a little money into the solar system so that we could have some basics, like refrigeration.   Currently we have a total of 640 watts worth of solar panels and 8 batteries.  Last  week we had a week of no sun and seemed to do just fine.  We only had to run the generator for an hour or two to top up the batteries a little.

We have started some gardens, of course, and are growing various greens, beans, as well as sweet potatoes and Taro.

I have begun working for our local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, part-time, in addition to the work I continue to do with Hawaii Seed.  Judy is continueing her studies in Marine Science and UHH.

Generally things are going well at the moment.

Peace, Paul

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