How Hawaii is Different

It seems that we are having a bit of an outbreak of “Rat Lung” disease here on the Big Island.  (Yes, humans can get this meningitis like disease.) Unfortunately the local paper doesn’t seem to think it is important enough to report on. Here is the article from an Oahu paper.

This disease has been affecting people in the area of the big island known as Puna. Now if we were on the mainland, and this disease had put 8 people in the hospital, some in a coma, then you can be sure there would be a national stink.
In Hawaii, we are left to rely on gossip and prudent action.

For our part, we aren’t eating any raw greens for the time being.

Peace, Paul

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3 Responses to “How Hawaii is Different”

  1. susan Says:

    Just curious what the symptoms are for rat lung disease, and how is it contracted?

    This should also be made known to the public through media.

    • Peace Paul Says:


      Here is a good article on Rat Lung Disease put out by the DOH. DOH: Wash produce thoroughly to prevent rat lung worm.

      Some of the symptoms listed in the article are:

      Signs of rat lung worm disease, which can affect the brain and spinal cord as the larvae travel through those tissues, can include severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, neck stiffness, and back, tingling skin, and hallucinations. Some infected people don’t have exhibit symptoms, or experience mild symptoms for a short time.

      Peace, Paul

  2. Julie Brown Says:

    My brother, David, is in a Honolulu hospital with Rat Lungworm. Do not believe the CDC and the doctors who say this is a mild disease. David has been there for one month and has serious issues. Blood clots trying to go to his lungs, meningitis, serious eye issues. he can not walk or feed himself. Since they had to put him on blood thinners for the clot in his lung he has had 2 small strokes. He went to the hospital many times and was sent home. They finally admitted him when he could not walk. He was sent to a bigger acute care hospital after they found he had a positive spinal tap. (and heart issues) We think he contracted the parasite sometime in July and was finally diagnosed in September . Please warn people about the fresh produce and raw seafood. David use to be a vey healthy person and now we are looking at a long rehab period.

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