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The Buddhist “Verse”

March 8, 2009

The Buddhist “verse” is big.  I cannot use the word UNI-verse, because it consist of innumerable universes and realms – both physical and subtle.  These universes all exist within a time scale that is beyond human comprehension.  Existing within these universes are beings with almost unlimited power, gods, as well as beings consumed by incomprehensible suffering and torment, and also every type of being in between these extremes.

Every form of life within this “verse” is, from the Buddhist perspective, the fruit of past actions (karma).   Our actions shape not only our tomorrows, but also our future lifetimes.

For us in the west, it is no small feat to come to terms with the Buddhist “verse”.  It runs very much against our existential world view.

However, if we have the courage to embrace this much larger Buddhist “verse”, our lives can be transformed.  Suddenly we are able to understand our lives within a vast universal arc which ends in nothing less that Buddhahood.    The victories and defeats of today become less significant.   Our lives’ work, becomes the work of helping all sentient beings, and whether this work bears fruit tomorrow or in some future lifetime is of little importance.

Peace, Paul