About Paul

Paul and JudyPaul (Ananda) and his wife Judy are currently living outside of Hilo, Hawaii in an area know as Orchidland. We live “off the grid”, relying on the sun and rain for our energy and water respectively.

Rev. Ananda Paul Normann is a longtime Buddhist practitioner and an ordained minister with the Order of Amida Buddha. He has a graduate degree from Claremont Theological School and has been strongly influenced by the writings and works of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Movement.

Paul is the ED of a small non-profit that helps families living in East Hawaii raise safe and Healthy Children.

2 Responses to “About Paul”

  1. Jerry guilliot Says:

    Paul I heard it was your birthday from your brother Robert. So Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 My wife M.G. and the rest of my family were in New Orleans for Easter break and stopped by the jewelry store. Bought a ring for M.G. it was almost like old times but not quite since you were not there.

    Read some of your blog and enjoyed reading what you have been doing with your time. It must be wonderful doing work that is making a difference.And doing it in Hawaii is icing on your birthday cake.

    You take care and I am glad to hear that you married the girl who was in law school in 1998 when MG and I bought her ring from you. Your friend jerry

  2. Peace Paul Says:


    It is very good to here that all is well with you and M.G. I am still nostalgic for New Orleans but am enjoying life here in Hawaii.

    It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years see we saw you.

    Your friend, Paul

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