Buddhism and Vegetarianism

I confess that I have often been disheartened by the refusal of Buddhist practitioners to embrace vegetarianism as part of the Buddhist tradition.

However today I cam across some statements from H.H. the Karmapa on Vegetarianism and the Kagyu lineage. HH the Karmpa

These are bold statements, and gives me hope that the Buddha Dharma does indeed hold the key to liberating us from the environmental and violent morass that we have created for ourselves on this earth.

Peace, Paul

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One Response to “Buddhism and Vegetarianism”

  1. reasonto Says:

    I’ve always thought about this. I have for many years embraced Buddhism’s principles but always consumed meat. I have actually very recently given it up and find that I don’t miss it, which was my biggest fear in ever considering cutting out meat on principle.

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